We’ve only ever been to Bread Meats Breads as a couple before; on those nights we’re out without children, living it up in the city… But I was having a look at the new Bread Meats Bread on Great Western Road and noticed that they have booths, much more space than the restaurant in town, and a children’s menu. Meaning that they probably don’t mind having the little critters around. Obviously we had to go check it out.

Firstly, yes. I can confirm that there is space to park prams or car seats or any baby related luggage you’ve brought out with you. They have a few booths too, in case you need a buffer between other diners and your 3 year old who frequently bursts into song mid-sentence. And the song is invariably Let It Go. (I can handle it; people who aren’t her parents probably can’t.)

The Food

Husband and I have been to Bread Meats Bread a good few times before. We both are partial to a good burger, and Bread Meats Bread have them in abundance. We’re nowhere near trying everything on the menu, but every burger we’ve ever had has been amazing.

This time we tried the Clockwork Orange burger and the Kelvinator. Both burgers were juicy and delicious and stacked to the max, but that Clockwork Orange burger was so cheesy and deliciously spicy. The blend of creamy cheese with chillies and spicy mayo was just perfect.

The sides in Bread Meats Bread are possibly my favourite part. If you have never before tried maple bacon fries you really need to. I can highly recommend. They are sweet and salty and incredibly delicious. I didn’t know fries could taste as good! So much yum.

The kids menu has a few options including burgers, toastie, hotdog or chicken nuggets. The little lady went for the nuggets this time. (She decided she likes chicken a few weeks ago.)

The nuggets are made with chicken thighs and tasted so good. They weren’t spicy at all – they are made for children after all – but they were still really tasty.

She did not at all appreciate just how good they were, but she did eat a few of them and that’s a very good verdict from a 3 year old. She loved her sweet potato fries too. And the ice cream. Obviously.

The Cost

Burgers average around £8.50. The kids meals are £6 and they get chips, juice and an ice cream included with it. With 2 burgers, 2 sides (far too much food, I know; enough to last us about 2 days), a kids meal and a couple of soft drinks our bill came to less than £40.

The Little Lady Said

“I love these chippies.” She did eat a lot of food though, so it wasn’t only the chips she liked!

The Verdict

Excellent burgers, attentive staff and totally chilled out dining. And those maple bacon fries! All of this is why we love eating in Bread Meats Bread without children, and it’s also what makes them so good when dining with children. We’ll definitely be back. Probably sooner than my waistline would like.

Bread Meats Bread West End branch is located at 701 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8RA.