Ka Pao is one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow. The food is always absolute top notch so I was very happy to find that they offer up a great little kids menu.

Located just off Byres Road in the midst of the west end bustle, Ka Pao is a cosy, exotic oasis. The food is a unique take on South East Asian cuisine, and their dishes are some of the most delicious and flavoursome I’ve ever had.

Last time we visited we were there with some other family members and so to start, we shared a couple of small plates including the padron peppers, fried chicken, and the tender pork belly skewers. I don’t think there has been anything in Ka Pao that I haven’t been blown away by when I’ve tried it, but the standout starter for me is always the corn ribs. Flavoured with salted coconut, shrimp and lime, these are one of my favourite things I’ve ever put in my face.

For our main course, we shared a few curries – there’s no point in limiting yourself to one dish in here because they’re all just too good for that! The duck curry, with its tender meat and rich sauce, was a unanimous favourite. The beef shin green curry was another highlight, cooked to absolute perfection. Vegetarian options were equally impressive, with the roasted cauliflower curry a huge hit with everyone at the table.

The kids options are simple, but perfect for my pair. There’s a fish option, chicken option and vegetarian option for kids, each of which are served with a curry sauce (katsu-esque) plus some rice, corn, tomato and cucumber. It turns dinner into a nice little picky plate and I don’t know about yours, but my kids enjoy nothing more than a meal where they can every bit of it totally separately.

Obviously no family dinner is complete without dessert, and Ka Pao still doesn’t disappoint in this department. The mango sorbet is always my go to because it’s the perfect end to a meal. But the coconut ice cream is excellent too. You can get a twist of each which works perfectly, and the kids can get the same at the end of their meal, which they love.

For anyone looking for an excellent dining experience in Glasgow’s West End that is also family friendly, Ka Pao is the one. I can’t stress enough how good the food is in here. And the kids always love their meal as well. An absolute gem of a place.

Ka Pao is located at 26 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow, G12 8BE.