The Glasgow Science Centre is one of our favourite places, because, well, we ❤ science. We have annual passes (so worth the money if you go even a couple of times throughout the year! I have mentioned this before…) and we always end up playing there at least once a week. Even on the weeks when I try to avoid it.

Since we’re at the science centre during the week we tend not to go at the weekends. But I’d seen the Little Explorer days advertised, and since the little lady is TOTALLY into dinosaurs I thought we’d brave the crowds and head along on a Saturday to the Dino Dig day.

The Little Explorer days are themed days aimed at young children aged 3-5, with activities and workshops for the children based around the theme. We checked out the Dino Dig explorer day and I’m so glad we did. The little lady had an amazing time.

The Activities

There were all sorts of activities for the kids to take part in; definitely something for everyone, no matter what their interests. Some activities were more physical like the bunch dinosaur toys and figures and blow up dinos and dinosaurs that you could dress up as.

This area, as you can imagine, was pretty busy. We had to wait a while to be able to do the dino dress up (it was pretty popular), but it was totally worth it. The little lady had a blast roaring and racing and chasing me around the place.

For a bit of concentration and focus there were dino skeleton jigsaws (velociraptors to be specific) and a sand pit for doing some bone excavations.

The little lady loves a bit of sand and really enjoyed excavating some bones. She went in a huff with the skelly jigsaws though when the staff member wouldn’t let her put a piece in. She usually loves jigsaws, of any kind, but there was no going back after that.

The kids also had the chance to get creative with a few different activities. They could make their own dinosaur fridge magnets out of some sort of play dough material that hardened overnight. And they could draw your own dinosaur to go up on the wall.

You could also meet some real live dinosaurs (well, reptiles anyway…) The little lady was incredibly excited to meet the snake in particular. She rarely speaks to strangers, but she completely surprised me by tugging the sleeve of the reptile lady and asking if she could hold the snake. The dragon (monitor lizard) was a huge hit too.

There are workshops on daily at the Science Centre. (You have to sign up for these as spaces are limited.) I only noticed one workshop on Dino Dig day and it was to make your own fossil. It looked fun but it was completely full by the time we arrived. Top tip: if there’s a workshop you’d like to do, make sure you go early and put your name on the sign up sheet for it!

The Cost

If you have a pass already it’s free to get in. If you don’t it is free for children aged 5 and under. Any accompanying adults cost £9.70 each and children aged 6+ cost £7.90 each. You get access to the rest of the science centre with entry, as well as the little explorer activities.

The Verdict

The little lady had a fantastic time making and playing and exploring. We spent at least an hour just going round the different dinosaur activities. I had to drag her away from making the dinosaur magnets so that someone else could get a turn. She really enjoyed the dinosaur activities, and it was a bonus that we could go and play in the rest of the science centre afterwards. If there’s a theme that you think your little ones might enjoy I would highly recommend the Little Explorer Days.

Little Explorer Days take place once a month at the Glasgow Science Centre. You can check out what Little Explorer Days are coming up here