I was invited down to Merry-Go-Round last week forĀ a wee sneak peek at the gazillions of stuff heading down to the Briggait for their massive sale coming up this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

From my little trip down there I saw an incredible amount stuff being sorted through. There were toys; games; jigsaws; raggy tags; books; cars; clothes for babies & kids; sleeping bags; blankets of all sizes & colours; furniture; electricals; birthing balls; change mats; maternity clothing; bouncers; prams; nappies; hand knits; carriers & slings… And so many more things I didn’t write down.

I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s perfect timing for me to pick up some brand new baby stuff just in time before our new arrival in a few weeks. And from shopping a bit there before, I know that Merry-Go-Round always ensure that their stuff is in good condition. Here are some favourite things I came across in my little rake around.

Big furniture items

As we all know these are pretty expensive to buy new. |It looks liekthere will be some great opportunities down at The Briggait to save a good bit of cash on some big items.


I really liked this chest of drawers; solid, heavy and in great condition. If you’re in the market for nursery furniture I’d say make sure you get down and check out the sale!


So many toys! Cars of all shapes and sizes, soft toys, wooden toys, noisy toys… Honestly, there are tons. And there were loads that had already been shipped off in preparation for the sale at The Briggait.


I love having a quick look for toys for the little lady in the kids charity shops. Some of her (and my) favourite toys in the past have come from a quick peek in Merry-Go-Round and other shops. You can pick up some great bargains.

Baby bits

It’s only a few weeks until Due Day. And I’ve reached peak nesting stage (at least my husband hopes this is it at its peak!) There were so many little bits and pieces I saw that would be great to pick up for when baby arrives.


Blankets never go amiss. I’ll be picking some of those up. I always felt really bad about how many nappies I threw away when the little lady was tiny. My contribution to rubbish dumps was pretty hefty. I saw a huge selection in a myriad of colours in Merry-Go-Round which will go down to The Briggait. I might pick some up just to try them out, particularly for times when we’re in the house.


I also loved these hungry caterpillar lampshades. I have nowhere to put them, but they’d be perfect in someone’s nursery!


All the clothes! I spotted so many really pretty dresses and tops, and that was just in the shop. The rest had been or was getting shipped off to The Briggait already. They have an absolute ton of clothing for both boys and girls, from the tiniest of babies right up. I think the biggest size I saw in the shop was age 7, but there’s plenty to have a look through.


I’ve bought clothes a few times from Merry-Go-Round and they have always been in very good condition. They seem to have pretty rigorous standards! The range of toddler clothes is mind boggling so if you’re looking for some new outfits for your little ladies or lads it would be well worth taking a quick look to see what you can find.


I LOVE hand knitted stuff. We have some saved from when the little lady was tiny. She wore them all the time because they were so super cute and cosy. I spotted some really beautiful knits in the shop. So I’m definitely planning on picking up some more for when baby makes its arrival. And if they have any bigger ones for a 3 year old…



You can never have enough books. We read books with the little lady all the time at home and we frequently get bored with the ones we read 10x a day (her choice, not mine!) It looks like there’ll be lots of books at The Briggait to pick up at a fraction of their usual price. I’ll most definitely have a wee look through those for some new ones!


The Briggait Sale

The Merry-Go-Round Sale at The Briggait is on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August. It will be open every day from 10am til 4pm with restocks happening every night.