I recently found a post-natal exercise class in Scotstoun leisure centre. It’s been a while since I’ve done any exercise (I pretty much stopped any form of exercise as soon as I found out I was pregnant) and after a c-section and a wound that really doesn’t want to heal I thought I’d start with a post-natal class rather than trying to dive back in!

The woman who runs the class (who’s name has escaped me) is fabulously crazy, and exceptionally enthusiastic. Despite that, I felt like I was in good hands. She is an ex-midwife and checks at the beginning whether your abdominal separation has come together enough to do the exercises.

It’s mainly core based (which might sound a bit scary, but it’s not). As we all know, the core muscles really suffer during pregnancy – I still find it hard to get up off the sofa without using my hands! You use big exercise balls and mats to do things like leg raises (sometimes lifting the ball between your ankles) and balance exercises. All to a very lively soundtrack.

I found it quite difficult because I expected to be able to do what I used to do. But I couldn’t. Nothing like it. But I’ll get there (or thereabouts) eventually…

But what about the babies?

Babies can join you in the class. Some were lying on their own mat next to their mamas, just playing. Some were in prams or car seats, some were having milk, some needed a change and some were crying because they only ever want to be in their mummy’s arms… It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you need to do.

And of course if you have someone to look after them, you can go by yourself!

The Verdict

Good class. I was amazed at how little I could do the first week and how sore I was the next day – in that good ‘I-know-I-did-some-exercise’ kinda way.

But it made me realise just how much my entire core has disintegrated!

The Extra Bits

You have to be 6 weeks postpartum before you go to class if you had a ‘normal birth’ and cleared by your doctor if you had a cesarian or assisted birth (or anything else)!

You’re not doing any running around, so you can still wear your nursing bra. You take your shoes off anyway so no need to worry about those, and I just wore some comfy clothes (the only ones that I can get on!)

Post-Natal Exercise Classes are on in a few Glasgow Club Leisure Centres including the one we’ve gone to in Scotstoun. Check the Glasgow Club website for more information and to find a class near you.