The little lady and I just finished a block of Totnosh toddler cooking classes in Barrhead. We’d heard about the classes online and I thought we’d try them out before nursery begins in September. (The end of an era – I can’t believe it’s happened so quickly, but that’s a story for another day.)


The Classes

We did an ‘Around The World’ course. Each week of our block was themed with food from a different country, and each week the little lady made 2 dishes (with my help).

Among other things she made taco shells with salsa from Mexico, quiche from France, a satay noodle salad and some spring rolls from China and really tasty veggie burgers and mini cheesecakes from America.


The class begins with the cooking song, finding out what food we are going to be making and the hand washing song (which the little lady now sings constantly). What toddler doesn’t love a song?! Everyone washes their hands and collects their aprons and badges and off we go.

Louisa who runs the class instructs every step of the way, and with a little help the kids all did really well following instructions and just getting on with it. The little lady grated, rolled, chopped, mixed, poured, measured, spooned and stirred quite happily for the entirety of the class each week we were there.


The food gets taken into the kitchen to be put in the oven (this is the only bit they don’t do themselves) and the kids then tidy up a bit.

The little lady will eat most things, and every week she devoured at least one of the dishes for dinner. During Chinese week she ate pretty much everything. (I was slightly disappointed not to get any of the spring rolls she made!)


The Logistics

Our class was in a scout hall in Barrhead. It was maybe a 10 minute drive for us to get there along the M77. I’m not sure if this is going to be used as a venue again but there are a couple of classes around the same area.

The Cost

The block consisted of 5 classes and cost £40 total. This includes all of your food, all supplies and even some takeaway boxes if, like me, you manage to forget to bring a tub 3 out of 5 weeks.


The Verdict

The little lady had a great time at our Tot Nosh class. She really enjoys helping in the kitchen anyway, but there are lots of things I don’t really let her do at home. Because if I’m trying to make dinner and not concentrating entirely on her she’d most likely cut her hand off. And also the mess. She really enjoyed the food, and as an unexpected bonus I didn’t need to cook her any dinner any of the Monday evenings after the class because she ate what she made.

If I can figure out a way to work it around nursery I’ll definitely take her back to another block!


Totnosh classes are (currently) located in Neilston & Barrhead. For more information visit the Totnosh website or facebook page.